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D-R-A-A-A is your Fire Starter

Wait, what’s D-R-A-A-A?!? You’ve got to excuse me… it’s short for Direct Response Ads and Appointments!

Have you been trying to market your products and services in your area but to no avail? Or are you looking to scale up your small business and launch into newer markets? We understand it can be hard trying to create a solid footing when you’re starting out, and it is easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of choices to market.

But you don’t have to go spend money on every single marketing gimmick out there and wait to see what clicks, when you have us to guide and show you the results. Charalytics®, has years of expertise in launching brands and their products to the world, while driving sales and increasing ROIs. If you’re wondering how we do it, here is our secret: Direct Response Ads and Appointments.

Advertising has been around for centuries and while it has evolved with the latest innovations and technology trends; Direct Response Ads and Appointments are by far the most effective form of advertising for any business. The internet opened up a new channel for marketers to spin their magic and advertise products and services.

There are many types of digital advertising options to choose from including: pay-per-click ads, search engine marketing, native or sponsored ads, and of course social media ads. With over 3.48 billion people using different social media platforms in 2019, you can best believe that advertising through social media has been a game changer for companies and independent businesses.

Even though there are many social media platforms to market in, it doesn’t mean that each platform will yield the same results. Making sure you found the right platform to market your products is our speciality and we know what we’re doing.

If you’re looking for success from LinkedIn ads it is highly dependent on the audience you deal with. For example, LinkedIn is a highly effective source to gain leads from whether you’re B2B or B2C, due to the professional nature of the platform it is highly likely you’ll gain success if you’re targeting a more B2B audience. According to research, LinkedIn has reported 32% increase in post click conversation rates with matched audiences.

Similarly, when we talk about Facebook, the people connecting platform allows you market your products according to specific demographics. This allows for better niche marketing where you will have solid conversion rates. With Charalytics® we can help you set up, all sorts of Direct Response Ads and Appointments through our highly qualified team of marketers, where you can track the results of all ads and see the progress in real time.

Tracking ad results will let you see that we don’t only talk the talk but also show results. However, if you’re still not convinced you can partner with us for a month to see how we deliver on results and make up your mind for future partnerships. The truth of the matter is there is a customer waiting to try out whatever you sell, the only problem is reaching that customer through the correct and effective channels that is Direct Response Ads and Appointments.

Charalytics®, will help you find your way to your desired audience with Direct Response Ads and Appointments for various social media platforms, customised to your business model and full of creativity so that no stone is left unturned in marketing your brand to the fullest.

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